Mazzi chiari, mulch fresco, non si può perdere: la nostra guida alla pulizia della molla da giardino

For my spring cleaning in the garden, I add a fresh layer of 3-way (equal parts manure, compost, and sand) to my beds to bury the leaves that I never bothered raking up in the fall—a couple of inches will do the trick to accomplish this lazy person’s sheet mulching. Not only does it require little effort and keep organic matter in the soil, but also covering it in fresh mulch makes everything look tidy. If you’re starting a fresh bed from lawn or a weed patch, throw on a layer of cardboard or newspaper before adding the mulch.

Once the soil dries out enough to till without forming giant clods, rake in some blood meal and bone meal (or whatever organic soil amendments you use).

Houseplants can also use some fresh soil this time of year; for plants that are rootbound, evidenced by slowed growth or drying out quickly between waterings, repot with fresh soil in a pot one inch bigger in diameter. Some plants, like snake plant, spider plant, African violets, and Christmas cactus actually prefer tight shoes, so to speak, but most other plants like room for their roots.

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