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Virginity isn't physical or medical: A good doctor -- whose job is to be the advocate for their patient, not their patient's parent -- should make that clear, and also make clear that what your mother has going on is a family issue, not a doctor's. And any doctor should also let your Mom in on that. Of course, if you are or have been sexually active and you feel like if she discovers this you will be in any kind of danger from her, what I'd encourage you to do is to find an advocate for yourself so that you can be sure that no matter what your Mom suspects, you're safe. Understand that your mother does not have the right to be present for your gynecological exam or any testing, and that, again, your doctor would also need your permission to share any information he or she got from you during that exam with your mother. By all means, if you are or have been sexually active and have not gotten sexual healthcare and want to take care of your health by getting started with that, going ahead with this could be a way for you to do that. So, no doc who has had any kind of education on sexual anatomy over the last couple of decades is going to look to the state of the hymen to tell them anything about a woman's sexual activity, not only because the hymen erodes in other ways over time, but also because not all sex is intercourse or about vaginal entryand also because often, intercourse won't fully wear a hymen away in one fell swoop. Additionally, they should also let her know that what she's asking them to do, beyond being unethical and pretty debasing, also isn't possible. Here are some links to let you in on some more facts about your sexual anatomy and virginity as well as what happens at a gynecologist's exam:


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